2009.02.22 23:54:13

Today I am in Auckland and the Queen Mary 2 has pulled into harbour.

I was recently asked “is there really a recession?” and with cruise liners the size of the Queen Mary 2 pulling into Auckland with thousands of passengers paying thousands of dollars for a cruise ($14,000 per person for 39 days I think) you can understand why such questions are being asked.

Yes there is a recession. Visit Ponsonby, Parnell and the Viaduct on a Saturday afternoon and you may not believe that but the recession is definitely here.

Is this a bad thing? Well probably yes however at Hot Property Investments we like to believe that even in a recession you can still make a profit and get ahead.

Eventually the recession finishes too so why not get a head start of everybody else and look for opportunities.

Property Investment has been one of the time honored methods of creating wealth even during tough times.

Hot Property Investments can help you create wealth quickly and easily without all the usual stress because we have great networks for selling our clients properties. Our biggest problem is getting enough stock.

For example right now there is the opportunity to make $10,000 in under 30 days next to no risk. Is that something that would be of benefit in todays world? I am sure it would be.

If you want to know more about this deal and how to be a part of it drop me a line using contact us and we can chat. you have nothing to loose and $10,000 to make.