2009.02.15 07:06:18

As most of you know by now I own a number of companies both here in New Zealand and in Australia.

This gives me some great opportunities for both networking and for finding fantastic deals.

Just last week I came across 2 deals that can only be called fantastic.

The first one is the perfect long term investment property, before tax benefits the property was approximately $3000 per annum cash flow negative however with the depreciation allowances the property is nearly $4000 cashflow positive.

In a market that is severly underpriced and has fundamentals that point towards some fantastic capital growth in the near future this is a deal that should not be passed up.

At only $190,000 the property is priced to sell quickly.

The other property is an absolute beauty for those of us willing to take a bit more risk.

Sold originally for well over $500,000 this one is now on the market for $350,000 due to some abnormalities with the body corporate.

These abnormalities will be sorted quickly and easily though as it is mainly paperwork to be done on the near new property.

drop me a line if either deal interests you