807d6356faf78c47b617647e56e44b0cf5f75221_620x311City planners are eyeing almost 16,000 new homes across Greater Auckland — the equivalent of a town the size of Cambridge — to attack the city’s housing shortage.

But as details emerge of apartment buildings up to six storeys high, neighbours have reacted with shock. Some say they have objected to Auckland Council but several others told the Weekend Herald they had no idea that tower blocks were about to rise near their often single-level homes.

The council is planning 15,585 new dwellings (mainly terraced houses and apartments) across 22 Special Housing Areas (SHAs) under the new Auckland Housing Accord between the Government and council.

The accord aims to provide a total of 39,000 new places within three years to address the city’s housing shortage and affordability problems.

But to speed up development, the Special Housing Areas will not be subject to the usual objection rights for nearby residents — to the outrage of many neighbours who were unaware of the plans when the Weekend Herald visited this week.

via :NZ Herald News.