Strategic Advice

What is Strategic Advice and why is it so important?

Strategic Advice is all about providing you with advice that is based upon your personal situation rather than being focused on the investment.

In other words, there is no product or property to sell so the advice is based on what you should be doing and then you go and use that information with your mortgage broker, real estate agent or financial planner and implement the advice knowing that as long as the person implementing the advice sticks to the parameters provided by me in the Strategic Report you will be able to achieve your goals. To give you a better example, the strategic report would tell you that you may need to purchase a property that is worth up to $300,000 and provides a rental yield of $350 per week. Depreciable items should be at least $25,000 and there should be evidence that there is potential for some growth in the future.

Can you see that there is no mention of 10 Short Street in Auckland or 15 long Street in Hamilton. Another example may be that the property purchase should be up to $400,000 with $400 per week rent and depreciable items of up to
$50,000 with potential for at least 6% growth.

Once again no mention of a specific property or type of property, it is quite a different property to the previous one however. So Strategic Advice looks at the how’s and whats, not the specific or tactical decision. The tactical decision comes in when you go with your agent and look at 3 properties that all fit the criteria provided to you in your Strategic Report and decide that you will take property A instead of property B. Experts say that when investing for the long term 75% of the return on your investment comes from the Strategic decisions rather than the tactical (i.e House A or House B) decisions.

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