About Me

f1000017Unlike so many others out there trying to get you to join their group or follow their system because they have been to a seminar a few years ago and then went out and bought some properties, I have been involved with investing in property since 1988.

Not only that but before I retired I was a qualified financial adviser (I completed both the Diploma of Financial Planning and the CFP Education Program in Australia) who was providing financial advice since 1997 in Australia and in New Zealand since 2003.

I owned three Mortgage broking companies, 2 in Australia and one in New Zealand and I specialised in funding real estate investments since 1996.

To round it out, before retiring, I was also the principle of my own boutique real estate agency in Australia and my license through the Real Estate Licensing board in New Zealand was accepted in 2008.

I also head up the advisory panel for both Financial Gain NZ and Financial Gain Australia.

So …does that sound like someone who might know what they are doing?

Have I been to a seminar, gone off and done a few deals and have since decided to “show” people how it’s done?


I have been helping people to invest for many years now and specifically how to invest into real estate.

Unlike most investment advisors however I do not have a bias towards any particular investment, location or style.

I believe that each investment is determined solely on who you are, what you want to achieve, your risk profile, your time horizon, your budget, your capacity to investment, your affordability factor, your comfort factor and many other factors.

So as far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter if the investment is an apartment in Auckland, a house at the Mount, a townhouse in Hamilton, a unit in Tauranga, shares in a company, units in a trust or kiwi saver. The most important thing is “what is appropriate for you!”

This site and business is dedicated however to property investment and is independent of my existing businesses.

The existing businesses continue to provide investment advice, develop strategies and assist clients to reach their financial goals however I wanted to create something a little different.

In this business you will deal with me.

In this business we will use strategies that will propel your wealth into an orbit you never thought possible. In this business I will develop the strategies that will help you achieve your goals faster than you could ever believe.

Why am I doing this separately to my existing business you might ask?

It’s simple really.

My other businesses are financial planning practices; real estate agencies mortgage broking firms and insurance bickeysaurusmediumagencies. These businesses are not allowed to develop strategies such as the ones I use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue each year.

You see, financial planning is for the masses.

Financial Planning is all about making sure the strategies are robust enough that they would work for every single person who implements the financial plan.

That’s why you will not see things like futures contracts or off the plan property contracts in a financial plan.

That’s why a famous seminar presenter was told he could not call his seminars financial advice…its also why he told his group of seminar attendees that in the many years that he had given the seminar only 10% of the people who attended actually went out and used the skills successfully.

10%!!!! Can you believe that! After paying thousands of dollars for the seminar you are told only 10% of the people in the room would succeed.

Financial planning is about putting together something that every body can use, not just 10%.

So why is it that only 10% of people succeed with those other companies?

Is it because the company gets paid when you buy the product they are peddling, which normally means they have something they have to sell you even if it is not appropriate for you and your situation.

It’s a shame though because the rewards are huge…..and that’s where I come in.

In this business I only provide you with Strategic Advice.

Most educators or mentors in this arena will charge you up to $20,000 up front with absolutely no guarantee that you will make a cent. I like to be a little different and put my money where my mouth is. I will create your strategy and deliver it to you for under $1000.

Thats right, you pay less than you would to go to some seminars!!!

In other words I develop a strategy that is individually tailored to your situation and what you are hoping to achieve and then deliver that to you in a document that you can then use to go shopping with.

Imagine that, being able to go into the bank and say I want ABC type of loan, then walk down to the nearest Real Estate agent and say I want XYZ type of property and if they don’t have that you go visit another company.

I won’t get paid commission for selling you a mortgage or for selling you a property I only get paid for creating the strategy for you, how’s that for ensuring you are getting the best advice, I’m not motivated by selling you some property I already have listed or perhaps even own.

Some people might say I am expensive however if you consider how much money you will save by having the most appropriate kind of property for your situation then my service is incredibly cheap.

j0395908So what have you got to loose?

As the words of the song say “absolutely nothing”.

Why did I say absolutely nothing? I said absolutely nothing because if you can not implement the strategy that I develop for you I will refund your investment in Full.

So are you ready to take control of your financial future?

You can pay for the strategy using your credit card through the pay pal service and have your report delivered to you within 5 days of receipt of the Needs Analysis form I will send you once payment has been confirmed.